It isn’t always black and white

Sometimes of my long overdue WIPS seem to trace my (somewhat frequent) moving habit.

In Black and White 2

I started piecing these blocks five some years ago in Durham, NC.  I got the top together two years ago in Harrisburg, PA.  And I, finally, quilted it here in Columbia, PA.



And now, it found it’s home near my original home in western Pennsylvania as my cousin’s wedding gift.

Always a great feeling to finish something so long overdue!  Five of twelve done on my over due goal list.

Fall 2014 Progress

Start to Finish

Baby Shapes on Fence

My latest finish

Scrap Pile

After rummaging through a pile of scraps I settled on a color palette

Scrap Colors

Thoroughly enjoyed my newish design wall to work on the layout

Piecing in progress

Improv piecing the back (FYI- this is a really bad idea for hand quilters, not exactly fun to quilt through.  Not that it will keep me from doing is again, but…)

Improv in progress

Quilting lots and lots of clam shells

Baby Shapes Block


Baby Shapes

A special prayer for my best friend’s new baby (borrowed from my church)

Baby Shapes Back on Fence 1

(Pattern adapted from From Modern Shapes Sampler by Sarah Flynn in Modern Baby)

Are you a leader?

My current leader-ender* project.

Leader Ender

Or, at 1/2″ finished squares, perhaps proof that I’m basically insane.

*Leader Enders are scrap projects that I piece at the start and end of piecing main projects to reduce the need to rethread the sewing machine needle.

On the design wall

First of all, I have a “design wall” now, which took all the effort of thumb tacking a piece of batting to the wall beside my sewing table.  Why didn’t I do this years ago?  So helpful.

Design Wall

I’m following a pattern for this quilt (from Modern Baby) which isn’t really my thing.  I’m an improv-er at heart.  So, I’m improving something special for the back to balance things out.

Improv in progress

Until next time!  Jill

Snowy Day Finish


Started: 2010

Materials: Scrap strips from the Scrap Exchange, with a few supplemental pieces from my yardage (for missing colors).

Techniques: Foundation pieced, Hand Quilted

Finished: 2/13/14



Last and First

My last finish of 2013:

Scrappy Stipes

A scrappy quilt off to the nursing home ministry at my mother’s church.

And my first finish of 2014:

Improv Quilt

I started this little improv baby quilt back in fall of 2012 as a teaching tool for a class I led for my guild and I just bound it up on 1/1/14.  Good to start the year off with a finish!

What’s in a name?

One of the fun commissions that I have is making church activity bags for the children of Chapel Hill Mennonite Fellowship.  They get filled up with coloring books and the like for the kids to entertain themselves during the service.  Each child that regularly attends gets their own personalized bag and there are generic bags for visitors.


This latest batch of kids gave me some challenges.  Four or five letters fit pretty easily on the bags, 6 or 7 can happen with careful tiny piecing.  But this time around I had Wycliffe- great eight letters!


Tons of tiny seams!


But it got done in less the bag width of 13.5 inches.  Thank goodness for skinny L and I!

Wycliffe Square

Now, we’ll just have to hope the kids all like their bags!