Taking Crafting Online

Only a few months ago I was googling around the internet looking for inspiration for a quilt I wanted to make as a present. The couple it was for told me their room was going to be browns and greens and those just aren’t typical colors, so I went on an extended inspiration hunt. And inspiration was found! Not only did I design, piece, hand quilt, and hand bind the queen size quilt in just a month (I’m good on a deadline like a wedding), I also fell madly in love with the online world of quilting. Having become terribly addicted to the quilting blogs, I’ve decided it’s time for me to launch my own. I am simultaneously stocking my previously launched, but sadly inactive Esty store. So, if you see something you like here, hop over to fallingforpieces.etsy.com and see what’s in stock.

The following will not be appearing in etsy, it’s already been gifted to my friend Chris and his soon to be wife, but since it was in the process of making this quilt I found the quilt blogosphere, I thought it an appropriate first show and tell.

I titled this quilt “Meandering Brown.” The label is possibly my favorite part. I’d never embroidered before, so I taught myself to back stitch off a http://handembroiderynetwork.blogspot.com/ and I think it looks so much sharper than the labels I’ve made before with fabric markers.


One response to “Taking Crafting Online

  1. I like this embroidered idea..I usually use a marker with it carefully written out, this is nicer.

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