Ready to scrap this?

I have literally hundreds of yard of fabric in my house.  Hundreds.  And out of all those hundreds of yards, I’ve spent the bulk of my sewing time the past few weeks working on huge bags of skinny little scrap strips that I got at the Scrap Exchange.  This is truly evidence of quilter insanity, owning hundreds of yards of fabric and going out and buying scraps from other people to sew together…But, the scrap process has been a good fit for my stressed out mental state of late.  Before I’ll go cutting into some yardage that I spent good money on I tend to plan a bit obsessively to make sure I’m using is as well as I can.  With scraps, I’m much more chill.  I literally sit down with my laundry basket full of strips, a stack of newspaper squares (The Indy is the perfect size to get a nice stack of 10 inch blocks for any durhamites interested in doing this), and sew and iron and sew and iron and sew and iron.  Its totally relaxed and fun.  And the slightly tedious work of taking the paper off is a perfect task to do at work in the middle of the night 🙂

But it’s not really insanity, because they turn out so beautiful!  Don’t you think? 

(Good thing I got two more bags of strips this week)


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