Challenge, and Warehouse Sale, and Quilt Show…Oh My!

It’s been quite the busy week for quilting.  I actually managed to finish and post my challenge for Amy’s Creative Side this week.  I challenged myself to piece, applique and sandwich the custom quilt I’m working on.  I’m just showing a little corner.   Didn’t want to give it all away, because if I get this quilted and bound in time it will be my entry in the upcoming blog festival.

Yesterday was crazy busy.  In addition to getting this in the frame, I went to the Scrap Exchange for the semi annual fabric warehouse sale.  I had to be strict, the prices are awesome, but realistically I just don’t need fabric right now.  I only let myself get 1 of then $10 bags, but oh my can you shove a lot of fabric in those bags.  Mine weighed in at 38lbs!  I ended up buying a bolt of fabric as well, but really couldn’t feel bad about that “splurge.”  $4 for a 20yd roll of 60inch wide fabric that will be the back of 15 or so homeless quilts…you just really can’t say no to that. Sadly no photos of my scrap exchange gems, they are REALLY heavy and haven’t made it into the house yet.

Now, how better to follow up a trip to a fabric sale than with an inspirational journey to a quilt show?  Durham Orange Quilters Guild held there bi-annual show this weekend and it was my first time to check it out.  There were so many gorgeous quilts!  And I stopped in to see the english paper piecing demo, which was great because I’ve been wanting to teach myself to do hexagons.  Now I’m all ready to go.  Here are a few favorites from the show (please forgive the photography, it wasn’t the best light/angle to get great shots of some of these).

Gorgeous Machine Quilting

Can't go wrong with Kaffee Fasset

Pretty Stars

Bold Circle Background

I wish I knew how to do this!

Big surprise for my fav...A Scrap Quilt

Lovely String Quilt

Shirting Fabric Quilt

1st Place

After all that fabric buying and quilt admiring I wanted to go right home to sew, but I had work.  It was a fairly good night for the shelter at least.  The highlight for me was helping a client get her suits back in shape.  She’s required to wear professional clothes in order to attend her job training course, but the suits she was given didn’t have all the buttons anymore.  We sorted through my big jar of buttons and managed to find sets for all three suits.  Can’t think of a better use!


8 responses to “Challenge, and Warehouse Sale, and Quilt Show…Oh My!

  1. Great job on meeting your challenge!! looking forward to seeing the completed quilt during the festival!!

  2. Such inspirational quilts…Good luck at the show with your quilt corner….

  3. That is a WONDERFUL use of your buttons! So great to know that even your button stash gets used in such a meaningful way.

    I love all those quilts. I really like the kaleidoscope quilt – I’m planning to start making kaleidoscope blocks soon. My current plan is to use different size blocks, with a solid color sashing. But I really like the way they just put all of them right together. It makes it look like flower blossoms falling through the air!

    Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    ~ Meagan

  4. Congrats on meeting the challenge! Beautiful quilt pic’s!

  5. Great job on the challenge. I’m envious of your sale fabrics, I wish there were something like that nearby, but I’d just get into trouble!

  6. Hope you get your quilt finished for the festival! How nice it must be to work at a shelter and help others:)

  7. What a weekend! You sure know how to keep yourself busy. Such eye candy at the quilt show. I look forward to seeing yours all finished up for BQF! 🙂

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