Blogger’s Quilt Festival!

In my last post I showed a little sneak peek of the quilt that I wanted to show for the festival, but alas time has gotten away from me and so I’m going to have to make that my next post.  It’s a very special quilt to me and it’s got a great story…but everyone will just have to check back for that 🙂

So what to show?  I decided to go with a quilt that I completed earlier this year that hasn’t been on the blog yet.  This quilt is great inspiration to dig into your WIPS and make something glorious.   One of the children I nannied for in undergrad had a great kite quilt on his bed and I wanted to try something like it.  His was pieced and I didn’t have a pattern (also, I do not thrive on patterns) so I decided to applique some kites onto a blue background and go from there.  But it never went anywhere.  Alas, it sat in a box for the better part of five years, just three kites appliqued and two pinned on a blue rectangle.  Then this spring I had a little (sadly short lived) kick to finish up all of the WIPs I could.  I think this one turned out marvelously!


I kind of went all out on the quilting techniques! First I hand quilted the background swirls with a white metallic quilting thread.  Then I quilted around the kites with cotton perle.  Then I embroidered some bows on the kite strings.  Then I machine quilted the borders.  Finally I bound it up.

Sadly it has been sitting in my etsy shop, well, linen closet for a few months now.  I’m hoping to find someone to give it to soon.  I’m pretty sure this quilt is just waiting to become a “special blanky” for a child somewhere!

Make sure to check out all the quilts in the festival (click the widget on the sidebar to find your way there).  I know I’m just waiting for a slow night this week to click away!


3 responses to “Blogger’s Quilt Festival!

  1. I think it turned out cute 🙂

  2. Gli aquiloni sono molto divertenti!
    Ciao Domenica

  3. I bet there is a kite loving boy out there who would love to have this quilt 🙂

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