House Warming Present

Just thought I’d show off a little house warming present I whipped up last week. I had a few knitted dishcloths made up, but I wanted to add something a bit more special.  I thought, why not some eco friendly reusable napkins?  I really love how they turned out!  I apologize, these are clearly not the best photos, but it was overcast and I was anxious to get them in the mail!

I think they turned out great and they are a pretty easy gift to make.  It took about 2 yards of fabric for a set of eight 11″ napkins (1 yd. of each fabric). And affordable too!  I used a yard of muslin that I tea dyed (unbleached muslin would give a similar effect) and 1 yard of a polka dot fabric I got at the salvage store (yep, my beloved Scrap Exchange).  Hope the recipients like them, they should be arriving soon.  Instructions below if you want to make them.


To make them quickly I started with 12.5″ square (because that is the size of my largest square rotary cutting ruler…yep, I’m lazy with measuring, use whatever size squares you like, you will lose about 1.5″ in the seaming).  I free hand drew the simple designs on and then back stitched them with cotton perle 8.  I sewed the two sides together (rights sides in) almost the entire way around, leaving about 2″ on in the middle of one side open to turn them.  Trim excess fabric from corners and then turn out to right sides. Poke out corners carefully (I use a chopstick, anything pointy will work).  Iron and top stitch the whole way around.  Super simple!


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