Antique Quilt Found!

Durham has a lot of great resources for crafting supplies. Of course we have the full cadre of chain crafting stores. Then there is my beloved Scrap Exchange. And then there is Grannies’ Panties. Yep, that’s what I said. Okay the full name is actually Everything But Grannies’ Panties, but the second half is what it tends to be called. Grannies’ is an amazing old house turned thrift store/permanent estate sale. You can find pretty much anything, for pretty much nothing. I’ve gotten great stuff there over the years, but none rivaling this weeks find…drum roll please– an authentic antique 1930 quilt, still in usable condition!

The yo-yos are  whip stitched together, it’s not technically a quilt since they aren’t layered on anything, I’ve just laid it on a sheet for protection.  I’m trying to decide how to restore it.  I will definitely be ripping off the ugly bubble gum pink ruffled border, almost certainly a later addition since it isn’t faded at all.  I’m thinking I’ll layer the yo-yo’s onto a solid for stability.  Open to any suggestions!  Won’t be doing anything with it until I get my Christmas present finished up, so I’ve got some time to think on it.

P.S. I will be participating in the craft blogosphere’s Giveaway Day, check back Monday 12/13.


4 responses to “Antique Quilt Found!

  1. I think layering onto a solid is a great idea!

  2. I’m not a yo-yo lover. I would be tempted to undo a yo-yo or two and see how the fabric is.

  3. WOW! What an amazing find, I’m so jealous! I’d probably use it as a throw over the back of a sofa, wish you’d included a pic of the ugly border!

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