Some Great Tips and Winners

The Napkin Giveaway was easy. chose #44:

Janice Parker | December 13, 2010 at 5:21 pm

I remember my spirograph and I loved it. I would love to win the napkins.

Thanks for such an interesting giveaway post.

The supply giveaway was harder.  There are so many good suggestions, I fully encourage you to read the comments for great upcycling tips. Now I know why people use random number generators pretty much all the time, it’s hard to choose.  So, I didn’t choose.  Okay, I did, but I eased it by making some honorable mention winners too.

Grandprize goes to for this tip from
“I’ve knitted with chopsticks on a plane because I didn’t want to risk losing other needles to security control. I sanded them beforehand and they’re quite good to knit with, I knit a winter hat with them (they’re approximately size 10 needles).
I’ve also used a blender and a loose lampshade to roll yarn onto an empty kitchen paper roll. Not for the faint of heart, but it’ll do in a pinch.”

I don’t fly often, but I think the chopstick needles is brilliant, who wants to have to give up a nice set of needles to the TSA guys?  The blender part seems a bit dangerous, but certainly creative and random.

Honorable mention winners each will be getting a fat quarter of designer fabric for the following tips:

I turned a handful of silver plated spoons into coat hooks for my entryway. I just bent the handle into a nice hook (I’m super wimpy but managed to do this by hand) and then had my dad drill a hole in the center of the spoon part so that I could attach them to the wall. Kylie

Hello and thank you for the giveaway. I work in the medical field and came up with the idea to use medical exam table paper to use as pattern paper. It is very long and quite wide and is perfect because you can see through it and it’s a nice weight. I usually use it to trace my patterns so incase my size changes I can just use the other sizes and don’t have to rebuy a pattern. Takes more time, but is worth it in the end since I fluncuate in size quite a bit. Hope you have a happy holidays! Michelle Fuller

I often use old belts from charity shops as handles for my bags!
Gill Watson

I’ve repurposed, I have used old stockings, cut and sewn into a little tube (about 2 inches tall, 1 inch wide) to put over invisible thread on the sewing machine. It keeps it from unraveling which it likes to do when left to its own accord! And because the stocking is so lightweight, it doesn’t hinder the thread from coming off the spool. It just keeps it under control! Joanna

All of the winners have been contacted by email, prizes will be mailed as soon as I get the addresses.

Merry Christmas to all!  I might pop in with a few photos of WIPs over the holidays, but I’ll be out of town, so probably not too many major developments here.  Make sure to come back in 2011 though for a new year of crafting and up cycling fun!


2 responses to “Some Great Tips and Winners

  1. ooops! I haven’t been contacted and I can’t see a way to contact you!!!

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