Thankful Thursday #1

There are a lot of great theme days out there in the crafting blogosphere.  In 2011 I’m hoping to start some WIP Wednesdays and maybe some Stash Sundays here.  I also wanted to try something new though, Thankful Thursdays. Crafters are seriously some of the most generous people I know, so why not have a day to feature that?  (yes, I realize I’m posting this a few hours before Thursday officially begins in my own time zone, it’s the holidays, I need to get this done!)

I had planned to start by sharing about three amazing women who’ve done some wonderful work for crafting for the homeless.  They really are amazing women and I will share about them next time, but this morning something else just takes precedence.

For those of you who don’t know, I work nights in a homeless shelter program for clients recovering from a physical or mental illness.  On my 5am rounds I discovered a small brown bag with my name on it in the middle the hallway.  One of my ladies had gotten up early to leave a Christmas present for me to discover!  She made crocheted an id holder, a head band, and an adorable little sea creature for me.  But perhaps even more meaningful, she included a little note for me, thanking me for caring about her.

A lot of my nights at work are really nothing more than walking rounds and knitting in between.  Still it manages to be a pretty draining job: the hours are terrible, you don’t even know what’s going on half the time due to bad inter-shift communication, you never see a supervisor or have a lot of other staff around for support when things get hairy, clients (some, not all) can get fairly nasty with you for enforcing rules,  people you’ve come to care about are just gone one day and you have no idea what happened to them, you see some really terrible sadness but you’re rarely the one who is actually fixing the problems, more often you’re just witnessing them and trying to get everyone through til the next day….like I said, draining.  In the past two months I’ve had all of  5 days off of this.  To say that I’ve been a little burned out, a bit down on my job and life in general would be an understatement.

Ms. B’s surprise for me this morning helped.  A lot.  Perhaps what I most appreciate about it is that is challenges the trap we can fall into of thinking that “we,” the housed and privileged, helping “them,” the homeless.  Ms. B is currently homeless, but she is also a crafter who enjoys helping other people with her talents.  I know she’s made presents for other staff and clients and has really been spreading joy this Christmas season at the shelter.  She is giving back to us.  So for a wonderful inagural Thankful Thursday: Thanks Ms. B!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Everyone!



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