January Challenge: Week 2

It’s week two.  This week getting five things done was quite a stretch since I was working on much bigger projects (some of which are not done done, i.e. just the quilt top is done, but it isn’t quilted and bound).  But we made it anyway.  Not so much for the shop, but I’m okay with that too.  If crafting became purely a business thing I wouldn’t love it as much anymore.  Gift crafting is some of my favorite.

1) “Little Boy Blue”- A baby quilt for my church

2) Flag Wall hanging- Americana is really not my thing, but I wanted to make something for my uncle to hang in his room.  He’s in the pretty advanced stages of both Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and needs readily identifiable symbols.  So, as a career marine, I thought he’d still enjoy a flag.

3) Shelter Quilt 1: Really not my choice in fabric, but it put 4 yards of fabric to much better use than just sitting in a storage container.  My first attempt at machine quilting.  Note, never make your first attempt to machine quilting a largish quilt with home dec weight fabric used as batting!  This beast is heavy and I had no idea what I was doing…lol…but I did get through it.

4) Shelter Quilt 2: This one I actually like.  I most like that the pieced stripes are made from oddly shaped fabric scraps from a pajama factory (think like arm hole cut outs).  I was given great big stacks of them.  I rotary cut them into rectangles and made long strips. 

5) Stormy Seas Knit Throw: The only thing new for the shop this week.  I love making afghans.  Big ticket items like this really aren’t best sellers so I have to limit how often I make them, but I enjoy them so much it’s hard!

Lot’s of other artists are hard at work on this challenge, check them out:

Domestic Icing


One response to “January Challenge: Week 2

  1. Love the Little Boy Blue Quilt! Yes that is an eye catcher for Uncle Spin. Wish I had your energy! Keep up the good work, Love, Mom

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