January Challenge: Week 3

This was not a great week for the challenge for me.  I was working hard, but my focus was on finishing WIPs and using up stuff that I need to get out of my house.  I only got to make two really new things for the shop, two napkin sets:

Red Spirograph Napkin Set

Linen Napkin Set from upcycled fabric sample remnant

I also finally got around to making two cat beds for the animal shelter.  I had checked if they could use some of these way back before Christmas but then the holidays got the better of me.  They took priority this week finally because they got some bulky stuff out of my way.  I’ll show why tomorrow when I show what they are made of.

Scrappy Cat Beds for the Shelter

Mostly I just worked on finishing up my wall hanging and hand quilting “Little Boy Blue.”  It was supposed to be done this past Sunday but extra shifts at work and being a bit under the weather got the better of me.  This week I have the accountability of doing it as a part of the 1 week 1 Thing Challenge that Amy is having.  That should be some added incentive, if I get it done I get a chance to win some fun fabric!

Check up on everyone else:

Domestic Icing (Love her ship today, well worth checking out!)


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