Little Boy Blue

Do you ever just get to the point where you HATE the quilt you’re working on?  I got there with this quilt.  I was down to two rows to quilt and I couldn’t even look at it anymore.  I tried and tried to work on it and got nowhere.  Finally, I had to give myself permission to work on other stuff and come back to it.  By the time I was embroidering the label and binding it up we were back in love.  There is nothing quite like completely finishing a hand quilted gift!

David Walker's 'Oh Boy' for FreeSpirit makes for a great back and apparently he lives just down the road from me in Chapel Hill, NC.

A gift from my church to a family who had a baby

What have you finished up lately?  Looking forward to seeing what everyone’s been working on!


3 responses to “Little Boy Blue

  1. Cute back! Love the back and the HST. Great finish! I only have one finish this year: a sea turtle block stretched over canvas.

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  3. I know this feeling exactly! I just had it the other day. I was almost done and just thought, I am so bored of this. But a few days later, I was excited to finish it.

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