WIP Wednesday #5

Yeah for WIP Wednesday!  I got my list all the way down to 11 last week and then immediately revived projects and added new…oh well…I really have been getting stuff done this year, so I’m not too upset about it.

  1. Hexagon Stroller Quilt– 2/3 Quilted
  2. Blue Baby Quilt for Church– Completed
  3. Bike Path Quilt
  4. My Bed Quilt
  5. Baby Bears Quilt
  6. “The” Scrap quilt that I will be working on for a decade
  7. Rainbow Bright String Quilt
  8. 5 Sets of Spirograph Napkins
  9. 4 Geometric Pillow Tops
  10. Blue String Quilt Throw
  11. Modern Log Cabin- waiting on more fabric to put on borders
  12. 3×6 Bee Blocks- 5 of 6 embroidered, piecing to go
  13. 6 Embroidered Blocks to be pieced into pillows
  14. February Birdie Stitches Block
  15. Green String Blocks- Revived UFOs

I think I’m going to put myself on a HST diet soon.  They are no question my favorite blocks, so quick, simple, and versatile, but I’ve gotten in a bit of a rut with them.  It seems like every WIP and UFO I pull is half squares.

On another note: I try not too show a lot of non-crafting related photos…but…I just really wanted to share a picture of my cat, who has managed not to make an appearance on the blog yet.  My darling Liv’s opinion on me going off to work last night: “If I sit on your work/sewing bag you can’t leave me!”  She’s happily purring beside me now, waiting for me to go to bed with her.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else links up today!


16 responses to “WIP Wednesday #5

  1. Don’t go on a HST diet – they look great!! Keep it up!

  2. I love the HST you have pictured!

  3. Hello, kitty!

    Your HSTs are beautiful, but (having nearly finished a twin-size HST pinwheel quilt) I can absolutely empathize with wanting to do something else! 🙂

  4. I’m hoping to dive into my first HST project sometime soon. Your quilt top looks great!

  5. Glad to see someone with as big a list as me! I really like the quilt you showed here! Happy WIP Wednesday!

  6. I agree, no HST diet! Those are one of my favs too…so versitile, and can have such a striking effect, yours look great! I love how yours are strip pieced on one half, so fun and unique. Great WIPs!

  7. I love your HST quilt in the picture. But I can totally relate with getting burnt out on one thing. Sometimes something different is great motivation to finish up old WiPs. Happy WiP Wednesday to you!

  8. Love your HST! What a great variation using strings in place of one solid piece of fabric. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  9. Argh – you’re reminding me that I missed a few things on my list. Eek, and it’s February, a short month! Glad to see your list is making progress!

  10. I love your hst quilt! I made one an definitely needed a break! But now, I’m ready to go at it again!

  11. wow, scrappy HST’s? I love it! They look great, don’t stop making them! I feel you about the project list. It seems every time I cross one off, another appears.

  12. Thanks a ton for your comment! I did pre-wash all my fabrics (phew!) so I feel much better about cutting into that PFD fabric. Wish me luck!

  13. HST’s are addicting… I like your pieced ones!

  14. I love HSTs too! They’re so versatile – they can look completely different depending on color and value and how you arrange them. So don’t worry about being in a rut, if you like them, go for it!

    Love the green string blocks, those are fab.

    Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday, have a wonderful week! : )

  15. I like your half square triangles. I to was in a squares rut for a while(not sure why), but it still is always good to find your comfort block!

  16. Loving the patchwork HST! Keep it up!

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