WIP Wednesday #6

It’s WIP Wednesday again!  I’ve really been making progress on the list, almost makes up for the fact that I just keep adding to the list 🙂

1. Hexagon Stroller Quilt– Completed

2. My Bed Quilt- I actually worked on it this week.  It’s about halfway quilted now!  I’ve never actually gotten a picture of this one up, so here it is in the frame.  Hopefully progress can continue, #3 and #4 are just waiting for the frame to be free to make any progress.

3. Blue String Throw Quilt
4. Bike Path Quilt
5. Baby Bears Quilt
6. “The” Scrap quilt that I will be working on for a decade
7. Rainbow Bright String Quilt
8. 5 Sets of Spirograph Napkins
9. 4 Geometric Pillow Tops
10. Modern Log Cabin- Going to get the border fabric today so that I can get this one in the travel frame!
11. 3×6 Bee Blocks- Completed

I have to be honest, I’m a little nervous about these!  It’s my first Bee and they aren’t typical blocks.  So, I worry.  Maybe the fabrics I went with are too crazy?  Maybe doing embroidery is odd?  Maybe the piecing is too simple…I guess I just need to chill out.  Hopefully my partners will like them 🙂

12. 6 Embroidered Blocks to be pieced into pillows- Well it was six at last count, probably more like 10 now.  I’ve been embroidering up a storm at the office.
13. February Birdie Stitches Block
14. Green String Blocks- Revived UFO, I made a little progress on these, but still don’t have enough blocks to complete the top.

So, back to the sewing!  After checking out what everyone else has been up to of course.


6 responses to “WIP Wednesday #6

  1. Oh wow, I love that hexagon stroller quilt. Very cute. And I ADORE your 3×6 blocks. They are fabulous. Are the swirls in the center hand stitched? I just finished my first swap and I’m SO nervous about it too. I think it’s just natural. Don’t sweat it, these are gorgeous.

  2. Hello! You make wonderful crafts and quilts! I love those 9 block with embroidery in the middle! I think those fabrics are adorable and will make a beautiful quilt!
    Thank you for you visit and sweet words in my blog!
    Sunny wishes from Crete! Teje

  3. those 3 x 6 bee blocks are great! Don’t worry, I’m sure your beehive will love them!

  4. Your hex quilt is wonderful, I can see why you don’t want to part with it just yet. All that hand work is amazing; everyone should try a quilt by hand just once to see what it was like to be a pioneer. Thanks for visiting and commenting! Can’t wait to see more things crossed off the list and the new ones too!

  5. I love your 3×6 blocks! Very cute! Different is good! : ) The hex quilt is so cute too.

    Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday, have a great week!

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