So you made an UGLY Quilt…

I would hazard a guess that if you’ve been quilting long enough, hidden someone in the back of your stash is a quilt top (or at least a block) that is just UGLY.  I mean, too ugly to knot and donate it ugly.  I categorically refuse to put fabric in the trash, so I’ve challenged myself to redeem one of my ugly quilts and turn it into something, we’ll go ahead and set the bar high, attractive.  Without a seam ripper.  I have maybe four seam rippers floating around my house, but we are not friends, I can’t recall the last time I used one.

So, here it is, the ugly quilt.  I had just gotten hooked on modern quilting, was totally infatuated with “Material Obsession” and the fun polka dot backgrounds.  I wanted to be bold and modern, but this one was just a total fail

In case anyone does find this even vaguely attractive, because I guess maybe someone actually could, I’ll add that the picture actually doesn’t quite do this justice.  It’s louder in person.

Check back with me next Friday to see how it’s redemption is coming along!


3 responses to “So you made an UGLY Quilt…

  1. You could always machine quilt it and use it as a gift for a baby as a Floor Quilt. It would be very useful to the mom, the colors would keep the baby entertained. Usually Floor Quilts are quite colorful for that purpose.

  2. Totally save-able! Embroidery or quilting stitches or maybe additional applique? Yes, I do have UGLY hanging around but I cut it up and re-piece it..

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