Birdie Stripes: A Quick Quilt

In the middle of days of hand quilting both my bed quilt at home in the big frame and the church quilt nights at work…I had a hankering for a quick piecing project.  And this was quick, finished in a 24 hour period, including the hand quilting, which I did in one three hour sitting with cotton perle 8.

It served another purpose, too.  I totally love this bird fabric (by Erin McMorris for Freespirit), but it just doesn’t play nice with my fabric stash, the colors just weren’t matching up well with most everything I own and I’m on an absolute fabric buying  ban, trying to reduce the stash a little before moving this summer.  I think this stand out fabric holds its own with just a plain white pairing.

And, really, I’m just happy to have a finish!  Keeps me motivated.

Update: It’s available in the shop now here.


2 responses to “Birdie Stripes: A Quick Quilt

  1. Cute and creative and oh how I love those birds!

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