Flashback to the Yellow Brick Road

Today I wanted to show off a quilt that I made last year sometime that never got featured here.  I have a good reason for the flashback, but I can’t share that just yet 🙂

Naming this quilt was super simple, one glance when I was finished and it was super obvious, but I didn’t in fact start off with a yellow brick road inspiration.  I started off with this 1930s reproduction fabric

I wanted something that would have some big patches to show off the cats and dogs. But I also wanted something simple, I was really beginning to define myself as a modern quilter around the time and I didn’t want anything too fussy.  So I collected a bunch of stashed yellows and went with a simple brick design.  I pieced the back with some left over yellow strips.

It’s hand quilted with both cotton perle (on the bricks) and quilting thread (on the white “grout”).

Check back April 1 to find out what’s up with the Yellow Brick Road!


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