WIP Wednesday #11

Two finishes this week:

Boldly Bright

My bed, which I hate, but I love that the quilt and the afghan are both my creations.  And the back is just as crazy!

Birdie Stripes

1. Modern Log Cabin- since this got kicked out of the frame for “Lila,” I decided to make this my first attempt at machine quilting a good quilt.  I’ve done some charity quilts and pet beds and the like, but this was the first time trying to do something that had to look good.  Almost got it done for this post, but it needs a bit of cleaning up threads and bound.

2. “Lila” (formerly known as Church Quilt2)- 6.5 of 7 stripes hand quilted!  Happily this quilt has a name now, named after the newest baby at church, born Saturday.

3. Bike Path Quilt: need to get this sandwiched, the frame sits empty waiting for it, but I made myself totally finish my bed quilt before jumping into this one.

Waiting in the wings:

4. Green String Blocks- All the blocks finished up now, goes in line for the frame.

5. Blue String Throw Quilt

6. Baby Bears Quilt

7. “The” Scrap quilt that I will be working on for a decade

8. Rainbow Bright String Quilt

9. 5 Sets of Spirograph Napkins

10. 4 Geometric Pillow Tops

11. February and March Birdie Stitches Block

12. 20 Embroidered Blocks to be pieced into pillows

Whew, that was some serious progress this week!  Have to say, I’m pretty please with myself.  This week is devoted to finishing Lila and the Modern Log Cabin, then I’m going to start trying to get some of the smaller projects that have been here forever off the list.

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6 responses to “WIP Wednesday #11

  1. The modern log cabin is great!

  2. very nice projects, I really like the log cabin one.

  3. Love the wavy lines on the Modern Log Cabin.

  4. “Lila’s” wavy line quilting looks great!

  5. Love your wavy line quilting!!
    What a beautiful quilt!

  6. Ooooh, I am loving Lila! Beautiful blocks, great quilting! Birdie Stripes is great too. That’s one of my favorite prints ever.

    Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!

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