Blue Squared

Like basically all my quilts, this one got named upon finishing, “Blue Squared.” Not exactly a creative quilt namer I guess.

This was my first attempt at real machine quilting.  Honestly it looks a bit strange to me.  Not bad strange, just really different.

One lesson learned, quilt it out to the edges.  I left the little border un-quilted.  So the body shrunk in with the quilting and the border didn’t, giving this sort of ruffled affair on the edge.  Binding mostly fixed it, but it’s still just slightly wavy.  Oh well.

That’s 6 quilt finishes for the year.  Should be 7 by the end of the week.  I’m pretty happy with that!

This one is up in the shop here.


One response to “Blue Squared

  1. I love the colors! I haven’t done a real improvisational quilt, yet, but I’ll be starting one, soon. I also haven’t quilted with wavy lines, yet, but I have a feeling I will soon :). Great job!

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