WIP Wednesday #12

Two finishes this week:


Blue Squared

I had a sandwiching party yesterday.  Well, it was just me, but Liv tried to “help.”  But I got several quilt tops and pieces of quilt tops just sitting around frame ready.  Sadly though, the quilt that was supposed to be next in the frame, my bike path quilt, is stalled out.  I couldn’t work on it in the sandwich party because somehow I’ve managed to lose the back!  I know I made it months ago, but I’m clearly going to have to clean up my fabric mess to find it…ugh.

Anyway, here’s the list!

  1. Bike Path Quilt
  2. Blue String Quilt- in the floor frame
  3. Baby Blue String Quilt- in the travel frame
  4. Green String Quilt- waiting for a frame
  5. Black String Quilt- waiting on a frame
  6. Scrap Quilt
  7. Baby Bears Quilt
  8. Rainbow bright String Quilt
  9. Spirograph Napkins
  10. Stacks of pillow tops
  11. Stacks of embroidered blocks
  12. Little Birdie Embroidery Blocks

I’m really focused on finishing up some quilts in progress and UFOs, but I am testing out blocks for one new project, the next church quilt. We have two more expecting couples, so I need to keep moving!

This was my first try at wonky stars.  I recently got Liberated Quilt Making II by Gwen Marston at Borders going out of business sale.  I’m totally infatuated and just want to make dozens of liberated quilts now!  Hopefully just one will satisfy me long enough to get this WIP list down!




7 responses to “WIP Wednesday #12

  1. I love your star, and I just love that blue squared quilt! Great work!

  2. Love your little star!!! I saw the picture on the WIP link up, and just had to check you out! I love wonky stars! Aren’t they a blast to make??

  3. your lila quilt is beautiful! so funny that you lost a back in your fabric mess. your room must look like mine, i spent 30 mins looking for pattern instructions today1

  4. Wonderful quilts and the wonky star is great! Your hand quilting post is also very good!
    Thank you for your sweet comment! Teje

  5. Love the wonky stars – our guild is putting together a couple of charity quilts for a cancer unit with those – so fun to make! Love your quilts – it’s always good to write it all down, just so you know where you’re at. My list is a little out of control, but I did finally write them all down… just to see the damage and make myself accountable: 68 – no, 69 with my WIP project…

  6. Cute wonky star! Nice book purchase at Border’s too. : ) Thanks for linking up, have a wonderful week!

  7. I like your quilts, especially the blue one.

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