WIP Wednesday #13

It’s been a pretty slow week around my sewing studio.  Last week I found out that my job is being phased out.  That got me pretty down, so I didn’t get much sewing done.

I did do a little organizing, but haven’t gotten far enough to uncover the bike path quilt back that’s still MIA, ugh. I got all my solids together in one box, which is really awesome, now I don’t have to go digging for them all the time!

The one project I actually did work on is a new one.  So much for getting my list down…This one is a birthday present for my friend April’s daughter who will have her 16th birthday this month.  April isn’t able to give her a gift herself, so I offered to make a quilt as April’s birthday present to her.  I do (try to) sell quilts in my etsy shop, but I always find myself much more motivated to work on gift quilts.  I’m pretty sure the ability to give someone the gift of a quilt- filled with your time and talents- is the very best part of quilting.

The rest of the list is just sitting where is was last week:

  1. Bike Path Quilt
  2. Blue String Quilt- in the floor frame
  3. Baby Blue String Quilt- in the travel frame
  4. Green String Quilt- waiting for a frame
  5. Black String Quilt- waiting on a frame
  6. Scrap Quilt
  7. Baby Bears Quilt
  8. Rainbow bright String Quilt
  9. Spirograph Napkins
  10. Stacks of pillow tops
  11. Stacks of embroidered blocks
  12. Little Birdie Embroidery Blocks

Until next time, Jill


8 responses to “WIP Wednesday #13

  1. Love, love, love the green quilt and the philosophy behind it! What a huge heart you have!

  2. Jennifer Stone

    I love the green quilt. The colors are perfect!

  3. Those greens are all beautiful together! It’s going to be great when it’s finished.

  4. Love the greens – I end up gifting most of my quilts too. It’s such a good feeling to give a part of yourself.

  5. So sorry about your job, I hope you find another without trouble when the time comes.
    Those green log cabins are beautiful, this quilt is going to be lovely. It is wonderful to give away something you have invested so much of yourself into, isn’t it?

  6. I love this quilt!
    The colors are so cheery, it’s just beautiful!

  7. Really cute quilt! Nice layout too.

  8. Oh, so sorry about your job. But the quilt for April’s daughter is so beautiful! What a wonderful thing to do for her. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday! : )

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