String Quilting Thoughts

I am just totally hooked on string quilting lately, in part because I needed to use up these massive bags of “strings” that I bought at the Scrap Exchange.

Actually I ended up with four of these bags total.  I just couldn’t help myself, I love string quilting.  While I am capable of complex piecing, a lot of times I’m pretty stressed out and totally improved, wonky strings are the relaxation that I need.

Doing so much of it lately, I’ve come up with some ideas for foundations that I thought I’d share with all of you.  The best part about these foundations are, you are using up trash and you don’t have to cut them!

For my Lila quilt, my string foundations were yarn skein wrappers:

If you aren’t a knitter, I’m saving up some more “pre-cut” foundations for another quilt that you might have on hand:

Do you have any ideas for good sting quilting foundations? Leave a comment and share with us if you do!



2 responses to “String Quilting Thoughts

  1. I use phone book pages. These are light weight, I have been able to sew thru them nicely, and they tear away from the stitches easily in the end. They don’t seem to dull my machine needle that much either. Plus who needs phone books anymore anyway?! : )

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