Four Finish Week! WIP Wednesday #15

It’s been a super productive week for me with four, yes four, quilt finishes!

Uno Baby

Uno Baby Blue

Trees for the Forest

The above quilts are 2, 3, and 4 in my machine quilting efforts and it’s clearly still a learning process.  Trees taught me how little I like painters tape for lines.  It kept coming up and trying to sew a quarter inch from a moving target was not my idea of fun.  I used masking tape on the two uno quilts much more successfully.

Finally, one that wasn’t even on the to-do list, a homeless shelter quilt top that I found while cleaning up and decided to go ahead and machine quilt. That’s a good chunk of cotton-poly stuff I can get out of my house, a real priority right now as I’m packing up to move!

Maybe the best news of the week though, the back of the Bike Path Quilt has finally been found!  Now I can finally get moving on that.  Here’s where the list stands:

  1. Bike Path Quilt
  2. Blue String Quilt
  3. Green String Quilt
  4. Mennonite Baby Quilt 3 (And then 4, seems like we’re having a population explosion at Chapel Hill Mennonite!)
  5. Scrap Quilt
  6. Baby Bears Quilt
  7. Rainbow bright String Quilt
  8. Spirograph Napkins
  9. Stacks of pillow tops
  10. Stacks of embroidered blocks
  11. Little Birdie Embroidery Blocks
  12. 3×6 Swap Blocks

Happy Quilting!  More WIPS at Lee’s Link Up:


15 responses to “Four Finish Week! WIP Wednesday #15

  1. Hello! I love this green quilt! It’s so wonderful with so many different textures and colours – but still mainly one colour! Great work! All your quilts are so beautiful! Teje

  2. I am in awe of four finished quilts… And each and every one is beautiful.

  3. Wow you’ve been busy! All your quilts look wonderful.

  4. Your quilts look great! I especially like the uno baby blue quilt. You have been busy!

  5. very nice log cabins, I love the wonky look! very productive you have been.

  6. Wow, look at those, so pretty! Love the mini quilts, what a great idea 🙂 And the trees quilt is looking great. I am a new follower, found you through WIP Wednesday.

  7. I love your Uno quilts! I love a good stripy stringy kind of a quilt 🙂

  8. Sure do like that Trees quilt!!

  9. Wow you did have a productive week! Love the trees quilt, very pretty!

  10. I love them all! So super cute!

  11. Those are such nice quilts!

  12. These uno quilts are beautiful!

  13. I love your trees quilt. And I hate painters tape too. Never sticks. Masking tape is a bit better but I need to find another method too.
    Just found your blog and it’s great. I’m now a follower!

  14. Wow, 4 finishes! And they’re all beautiful! It’s hard for me to pick a favorite, but the uno quilts are stunning. Especially the black and white one, I love it! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

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