WIP Wednesday #16

So yesterday I spent more money than I probably should of.  Only I wasn’t at the fabric store, I was at USPS.  At least it was for a good cause.  I got my IBOL boxes in the mail for the Fallujah push.  Boxes need to be out this week, if you are working on a package, now’s the time to finish it up.  I also got Trees for the Forest off to the birthday girl.

I need some WIP link up buddies input today.  In trying hard to finish up things, I’ve been working on a series of Uno Quilts from a pile of stray string blocks I’ve had sitting around.  Last week I did black and blue.  This week I did a purple top, but I decided to add a little something more to it.  I’m not convinced that it was a good idea and am contemplating ripping off the dashed border and just sticking with white.  Any thoughts?

I don’t have any sewing stuff ready for travel right now, so in my down time at work I’ve been knitting instead.  I was going to do this striped like some other throws I’ve made, but I thought the variegation in this yarn was just so pretty it didn’t really need stripes.

Finally, I could have just gone ahead quickly sandwiched the Bike Path Quilt since I found the back…but instead I made more work for myself.  I was going to just sew this strip of left overs from the front to a solid gray background and call it a back, but I do that for a lot of quilts and wanted to try something a bit more interesting.  So I’ve been working on turning it into improv lettering.  I’m going for “Share the Road”  for now I’ve got SHA…

The Rest of the list:
4.    3×6 Swap Blocks- I did a test block this week, so I’m hoping to get these done and in the mail in the next week or so
5.    Blue String Quilt
6.    Green String Quilt
7.    Mennonite Baby Quilt 3 (And then 4, seems like we’re having a population explosion at Chapel Hill Mennonite!)
8.    Scrap Quilt
9.    Baby Bears Quilt
10.  Rainbow bright String Quilt
11.  Spirograph Napkins
12.  Stacks of pillow tops
13.  Stacks of embroidered blocks
14.  Little Birdie Embroidery Blocks

In non-quilting WIPs…well, life is stressful right now.  I applied to 52 jobs last week, starting to get some responses, but still have no real idea where I’m going.  I have 34 days to find a new place to live.  I have three rooms to paint and a whole house to pack.  And of course the full time and part time job.  And maybe, you know, sleep once and awhile.  Probably going to be pretty quiet on the blogosphere for awhile, but that just means I get to come back and see a whole bunch of new stuff you’ve all been working on!

Check Out Everyone’s Great WIPs Over at Lee’s Link Up:


11 responses to “WIP Wednesday #16

  1. Personally, I’m a fan of the purple dashes! Love your improv letters.

  2. I like the purple s in the other border. I also love the letters.

  3. I like the dashed line, but if you are looking for something more subtle, maybe make them thinner? Your life sounds very busy. It makes me tired just thinking about it!

  4. Hello! I love your patchworks and that knitting! You have so beautiful colours! Letters are always so great and fun! Wishes from Teje

  5. I like the dashed border! And I love the pieced letters on the back of your bike path quilt! That’s a great idea. :o)
    Good luck with the job hunting and the house hunting and finishing up all the work you need to get done!

  6. Love your string block! The dash border is genius!

  7. That purple quilt is gorgeous and thanks for the IBOL reminder. I must get that in the mail!

  8. Love all your string blocks and quilts! I like the dashed border but I also think it might look good as a solid pieced border that echoes the colors in the block more… but it looks good as is too!

  9. Wow, that knitted throw is GORGEOUS! I want one! : ) The string block quilt is so pretty too. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  10. Yikes that is stressful! You’re quilting is very beautiful though. I’m so excited to see the bike path one finished!

  11. I love your free form letters,. What a neat idea.

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