WIP Wednesday #17

I’ve been almost totally focused on just two projects this week, which is rare for me. I’d like to get my list down near zero before moving day, but two projects take priority right now.

1.  Bike Path Quilt

I got the back done on this, hopefully I can get it sandwiched asap so I can finally start quilting!

2. Church Quilt #3

I don’t want to show off too much of it until I have the top together, but here is one block.  I have all the stars done now and just need to do the log cabin border on the 5 blue one, piece the back, and it will be ready to quilt!

And this star is going on the back as the label, it’s the Mennonite Dove and our church initials (Chapel Hill Mennonite Fellowship) that I’ve been putting on all the church quilts.
I’m also working on a (3.) Blue Knit Throw for my on-the go knitting project, but no photos of that yet.

On Hold for now

4.      Mixed Berry Jam Knit Throw

5.       3×6 Swap Blocks

6.      Purple Uno Quilt

7.       Blue String Quilt

8.      Green String Quilt

9.      Scrap Quilt

10.   Baby Bears Quilt

11.    Spirograph Napkins

12.   Stack of pillow tops

13.   Embroidered Squares

14.   Little Birdie Embroidery Blocks

Hope to see you over at Lee’s!


4 responses to “WIP Wednesday #17

  1. The letters are wonderful, so is the sentiment! And your stars are so great, I love the colours you pick!

  2. Your church quilt is beautiful! Can’t wait to see more.

  3. I’m hoping to get it done for the bloggers quilt festival next week.

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