Sashing Options

So, to tone this rainbow down just a touch for baby, I trimmed my blocks down so that I can add sashing.  My Kona Card is all packed up for the move, so I can’t tell you the names of all these, but here are the options I’m considering.

Natural (I think)

Snow (I’m sure of this one, only color I have ten plus yards of)

Blue (No clue which one)

Green (Maybe grass?  Oh to know where my color card is!)

I love the green, but I worry about it clashing with the nursery, so I’m leaning towards natural.  Thoughts welcome!


7 responses to “Sashing Options

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  2. I think I like the first one (Natural?) the best.

  3. My favourite is the green 🙂 Love it! Second choice goes to the snow, I think the natural doesn’t look crisp enough and I’m not a fan of the blue. Tough choice! But I’m sure whatever you pick, it will look awesome 🙂

  4. Oooo my heart says snow, but my head says green will be easier to keep clean! Thanks for visiting my blog via WIP wednesday…we have a love of rainbow in common!

  5. I LOVE these rainbowy blocks!

  6. this is beautiful! 🙂 i’d say go natural- i think green is SO pretty but i agree it might clash if the nursery is a totally different color…

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