WIP Wednesday #18

Well, it hasn’t been a great week in the sewing department.  A family visit and too much life stuff to get done to spend much time at the machine. I had one finish, a blue knit throw that I sent back to Pennsylvania for my brother, but I forgot to get a picture before I sent it (Mom, if you’re reading this, get a photo of it with Ryan, please!)

This lovely stack of rainbow fabric, along with a lot of scrap pieces, became the blocks of Church Quilt #3 this past week.  I put them together though and started to hate it.  I love all the blocks individually, but all together the quilt just seemed overwhelming.  So, I’m going to cut the blocks down and put some sashing in and hopefully all will be well.

UPDATE: Want to weigh in on the sashing?  See this post for some options I tested today!

I’m knitting a charity scarf to keep busy at night, but every thing else sat idle this week.  Here’s where the list is at:

3. Bike Path Quilt

4. Mixed Berry Jam Knit Throw

5. 3×6 Swap Blocks

6.  Purple Uno Quilt

7.  Blue String Quilt

8.  Green String Quilt

9.  Scrap Quilt

10. Baby Bears Quilt

11.  Spirograph Napkins

12. Stack of pillow tops

13. Embroidered Squares

14.  Little Birdie Embroidery Blocks

Hope to see lot’s of you later this week at the Quilt Festival over at Amy’s!


19 responses to “WIP Wednesday #18

  1. Love the stack to block transformation. I like they layout but I’d like to see what color you’ll be sashing in.

  2. I think sashing is a great way to go. A little solid can go a long way.

  3. So pretty! I like the layout very much, even as is. I think the rainbow effect is just lovely 🙂

  4. Oh my! I love the blocks as they are!

  5. Oh yes, I love it the way it is too, but adding sashing will definitely calm it down! LOL

  6. Your fabric stack looks so pretty. I think your sashing will make all the difference in the quilt, sashing is sort of a cure all I think.

  7. Love your rainbow stars! It looks great as is, but I think with sashing it will be perfect!

  8. Just love the colors! They drew my attention from all of the other little link-up pictures over at Freshly Pieced!
    Mrs. Hearts

  9. I really like the bright colors! maybe a white sashing would make them POP more?

  10. Love all the rainbows swirling around lately!

  11. I love those blocks and all the lovely colours! What about white or greay sashing and mixing the blocks … but I love them also like that like a rainbow!
    You have lots of beautiful fabrics!

  12. Wow I love the quilt!!! Fiona

  13. What if you strategically lay the blocks out on a white sheet or something so you can see what they would look like with white sashing? I think it looks great as it is, but sashing might just set the blocks apart and give the eyes a place to rest.
    I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  14. Love all the colors! Will try to remember to get a picture with your brother with his afghan! Mom

  15. oh my…..you have a lot going on. I like how your church quilt is looking. I would be way overwhelmed just trying to make one of those squares.

  16. Oh those blocks look fantastic! I think I like the natural or snow the best, cant wait to see more!

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