Too Pretty to be a Dish Cloth

I was skill building this week, practicing some new stitches on dishcloths.  Problem is, I think this one turned out too pretty to wash dishes with.  But it really was good practice, so it’s okay.

I used this pattern, Smocked Cloth Pattern, but I’m such a novice knitter I used size 4 needles, not 4mm.  Turned out to be a good mistake though, because I like smaller dishcloths and this one is plenty big even on the smaller needles.


2 responses to “Too Pretty to be a Dish Cloth

  1. Nice dishcloth. I’ve done that one before. I didn’t get your big ball of cotton so maybe you’ll use it!

  2. I’m a new knitter, too (OMG, after all the years of saying vehemently “It’s CROCHET, not KNITTING! One hook, people, ONE hook!” I’m now a knitter?). I’m making a bunch of swatch patterns that will eventually be stitched together into a kind of knit sampler blanket–y’know, the kind you keep in your car for spur-of-the-moment picnics. 😉 I may have to try your pattern and add it to my stack of squares!

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