WIP Wednesday #19

So, I skipped a week.  And I’ll probably skip another soon.  But I needed a break from moving stuff, so I’m taking a few minutes to post.

Finishes this week:

3×6 Blocks

I even made one for myself this time.

I think it’s kind of cool how different these look just by turning them sideways.


Church Quilt #3

Finally put the sashing in this last night, it took me forever to choose, I loved the green so much, but eventually just decided it wasn’t good for a gift.  I’ve got most of the back pieced, except for the little signature block, which seems to have been lost in the moving shuffle.  Really hoping to find it today, this HAS to be sandwiched before the big move.

Umm, thing about cleaning and moving…I’ve realized how incredibly incomplete this WIP list is.  I’ve got 2.5 paper ream boxes full!  But here is the active(ish) list:

3. Bike Path Quilt

4. Mixed Berry Jam Knit Throw– Completed

5.  Purple Uno Quilt

6.  Blue String Quilt

7.  Green String Quilt

8.  Scrap Quilt

9. Baby Bears Quilt

10.  Spirograph Napkins

11. Stack of pillow tops

12. Embroidered Squares

13.  Little Birdie Embroidery Blocks

Tons of fun WIPs to look at over at Lee’s


11 responses to “WIP Wednesday #19

  1. Gorgeous quilt! Love the bright colours! 🙂

  2. lovely rainbow quilt! and those blocks are so unique, what a fun design.

  3. Love your 3×6 blocks! Very cool!

  4. Love those colors!! So pretty!

  5. i love that you chose the natural sashing. great choice!!! 🙂 and those diamond blocks are a-mazing.

  6. Oo, I love your 3×6 block design!

  7. Those blocks look great and the church quilt is really gorgeous

  8. The church quilt is so, so nice! I am moving soon, too, and I’m already dreading packing up my sewing stuff…

  9. Love the rainbow effect of the church quilt! Very fun and playful!

  10. Your quilt is great, I love wonky stars! and your blocks, I love them.

  11. Love your wonky diamonds. I give myself permission to skip WIP weeks unpenalized, too, when significant Life events make it silly to accomplish any sewing progress (like spending most of a week on the road moving a college child).

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