And the winners are….

String Giveaway

So, we had quite the wide number of guesses from 43 all the way up to 800.  Someone asked, so I tell you, I was initially thinking that it would be somewhere between 200-300.  I put my guess at 275, but I wouldn’t have won.

Pressed and sorted into rolls of neutrals, warm and cool colors, for your string quilting ease, 345 strings fit in this box with the Kona (which I am super glad I put in there, because I couldn’t have possibly ironed anymore!)  So closest guess without going over is Lori, who guess 333.  Congrats Lori!  Hope you’ll share a picture of your string quilt with us when you get a chance.

Charity Fabric Giveaway

Wow, so many sewists out there using their skills for such great causes!  Seriously, if shipping didn’t cost so much, I’d send fabric to everyone.  I love to see so much good work going on in the crafting community.

But USPS likes to get paid, so there had to be just two winners.  Page 100, word five of the book I’m reading, The Brothers Karamazov (okay, book I’m carrying around wishing I had time to read right now), is ‘pity’

That means this fabric is going to be put to good use by Barbara’s Prayer quilt ministry at her church and Lyanna, making quilts for Project Linus.

Thanks to all SMS vistors, it’s always such a fantastic day!  Hope you’ll stop back sometime soon, Jill


One response to “And the winners are….

  1. Congratulations to the winners!

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