WIP Wednesday #20

Well, I’m in my third (of five) temporary home for the month of June, with most of my sewing stuff still in the storage unit.  But, even with my life is still in chaos, at least I still get to quilt.  Times like these I’m glad I’m a hand quilter.

1.       Eli’s Stars: I have been working pretty tirelessly on this.  I think being deprived of my sewing machine made me a little crazy when I planned out the quilting on this thing.  But the end is in sight, I just started on the 18th of 20 blocks last night.  I have to take a day off though, I literally quilted my finger tips bloody, and I DO NOT want to bleed on this quilt.

I’m not going to count the two full boxes of WIPs in the storage unit for the moment, so the list looks amazingly shorter right now.
In line for hand quilting
2.       Bike Path Quilt
3.       Blue and White

I also have scrap fabric and hexagon templates and a bunch of dishcloth yarn with me, so I’m pretty sure I can keep busy until I get settled.  Hopefully that might be soon, I have a second interview coming up next week.  Crossing fingers!

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6 responses to “WIP Wednesday #20

  1. Five homes in one month! What a pain. I’d not count anything in the storage, either! 🙂

  2. I am duly impressed that you are a hand quilter. I tried but can’t seem to get the back stitches to match the front. The back is always smaller! Love your quilt!

  3. That’s really lovely work. Three cheers for the needlework that keeps us going in times of upheaval! Hope you’ll be settled soon, and able to get your stuff out of storage.

  4. Yayy! Another hand quilter! I don’t think I could live with as much chaos as you are though!

  5. Your quilting is looking really nice, I hope that you are able to care a bit more for the fingers though. Good luck on your interview!

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