Eli’s Stars Finished

So happy to be staying at my fifth and final short term housing and that, Sandra, the woman I’m staying with, HAS A SEWING SET UP!  How lucky can a wandering quilter get?  I finally got the binding on Eli’s stars this past week and we presented it to his family in church yesterday.

For the back I just used all the left over ends of the strips I cut for the log cabins on the front and basically made a coin quilt.

I also put the label in the coin quilt

And then I quilted it like a mad woman, yes, by hand.  And no, it’s not a particularly brilliant idea to heavily piece a back if you’re hand quilting, but we got through it.

I owe a thanks to my good friend Meghan, without whom this quilt binding would not be possible.  Couldn’t find a rotary cutter around here and I wasn’t about to go shell out the money for another one when I already own two, so Meghan and I went “Storage Unit Spelunking.”  I knew generally where it was, but still, it was an adventure getting to it!  While we were at it we retrieved some thread and fabric, so I have plenty to stay busy for now!


3 responses to “Eli’s Stars Finished

  1. That looks AMAZING! Seriously, from front to back. That hand quilting is incredible! Way to go!

  2. You have made this quilt so beautiful! I love the stars with the log cabin, fabrics and the colours, label is great and your hand quilting is amazing!

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