Lancaster Quilt and Textile Museum

Even though I went to college in Lancaster, PA and lived here four years, I never went to the Lancaster Quilt and Textile Museum until my visit back this week.  Ridiculous of me, really.  They own the former Espirit collection, which have been photographed pretty extensively and I’ve seen them in books, but it was seriously awesome to see them up close and personal.  For one thing, I have no earthly idea how they quilted stitches that tiny.  I can’t even tell you how small and even they were.  And the striking Amish color combinations…I wanted to run right home and make a solid only in quilt in some striking combination like purple and red or royal and red or teal and purple.

I wish I had some decent photos to share with you, but as close as I can come is the book Amish Quilts of Lancaster County.

The cover quilt is one of the stars of the collection, so to speak, but you really can’t appreciate how stunning it is from the book, especially the quilting details.  So… if you are ever doing a Lancaster Quilting visit, don’t forget to get past the tourist stops in Bird-in-Hand or Intercourse, go down town in Lancaster City and see these stunning beauties up close and personal (and then go next door to Central Market for some awesome food).


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