Virginia Quilt Museum

Harrisonburg, VA is a great midday stop on my regular drive from my family in Western Pennsylvania back to Durham, NC.  When I stopped for lunch there last time, I happened to drive past the Virginia Quilt Museum, but because I had to make it back in time for work I couldn’t stop.  Although there are a lot of things about unemployment that are less than fantastic, I’m trying to look for the positives of it, like not punching any clock.  So, yesterday I had the chance to stop.

They had a great collection of civil war era quilts, some modern and contemporary quilts, and a fun display of antique sewing machines and toy sewing machines.  My favorite quilt of the day was this contemporary plaid beauty.

The makers name wasn’t posted, I really wish it had been, I’d love to check out more of her work.  If anyone recognizes this, let me know please. I’m a total lover of plaid.  In fact, I’ve decided to enter to Project Modern Challenge 4 this time around.  I’m keeping my entry under wraps for now, but lets just say, the test blocks I worked up this past week involved plaid.

If you want to see the civil war era quilts, really you should head through Harrisonburg some time, the collection is truly amazing to look at up close and personal.  But if that isn’t practical, they are shown in a lovely book.

Travels are done for now and I’m totally ready to get back to sewing.  I did a test block for the 4×5 Bee in PA with my grandmother and I’m totally jazzed to get back to work on them for the ladies of Hive 8.


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