Carmany Star of Bethlehem: A Family Tradition of Quilting

Okay, I said I was going back to modern, but I have one more inspiration from the past from my travels this past week that I just have to share- A prize winning, museum quality quilt, in my own home (well, my parent’s house anyway).

There is no date on this quilt, but we know it was made by my Great-Great Grandmother, Catherine Martin Carmany, for my Great Grandfather, William Carmany, who lived from 1875-1930.  Maybe a turn of the century wedding present?  Hard to say exactly.  Whenever it was made, I love really do love that quilting is a tradition being passed down in my family.  William’s daughter, Florence (Carmany) Walker, my maternal grandmother, taught me to quilt, and just this past week I had the joy of doing some piecing with her on my visit home.

After all this Amish and Family and Civil War Quilt inspiration, I see some sort of modern take on a master piece quilt in my near future.


5 responses to “Carmany Star of Bethlehem: A Family Tradition of Quilting

  1. Yes, I can see that you will have a different approach to you quilting. Happy Quiltin, Glad I met you, good to have faces for my prayers. Betty

  2. The quilting tradition definitely skipped a generation! I love & admire them but do not have the talent you inherited from your grandmother! Keep up the tradition.

  3. Wow, what an amazing quilt! I love seeing older quilts and seeing how much of modern quilting comes from them (remember when everyone was saying how amazing quilts using exclusively solids was, and what a new trend?)

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