WIP Wednesdays #22

Not so very much sewing getting done right now, it’s just too hot, especially for ironing or quilting.  But I do get some done here and there.  The rest of the time I keep my hands busy with the ever growing stack of dishcloths.  I’ve already given more than a dozen as gifts this summer and the stack grows daily! I think I’m going to have to learn to make socks, something to slow down a bit.

Making Progress

1. Quilting Bike Path

2. 3×6 Bee Blocks

3. Super Star Quilt- Top together and now I need to piece a back. The center star was inspired by the very popular Swoon block, though I didn’t use a pattern.

4. Project Modern Entry

Waiting in the Wings

5. Blue String Quilt

6. Sweet Geese Charity Quilt

In the Works

7.  Church Quilt #4- I finally got the color scheme/style requests for this, so now I’m excitedly making plans.  The family asked for solids only and traditional patterns, so I’m pretty excited.  I’ve been wanting to do something along those lines.  I’m debating Churn Dash/Hole in the Barn door and Birds in Flight.  Update coming very soon (because the baby is, too!)

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20 responses to “WIP Wednesdays #22

  1. I love the dishcloths. I would like to make some but can never find the right ply cotton, in the mean time I keep looking.
    The Super Star quilt top is fabulous, love the borders.

  2. Love the Super Star!

  3. Your Super Star quilt is great! What a fun idea!

  4. Cute dishcloths. I crochet, though I don’t get to very much when my carpal tunner is acting up. I’ve made some before but yours are cuter. LOVE the Super Star quilt top. I am planning a Swoonish type quilt with some Amy Butler fabic I have in my stash!

  5. um, your super star quilt is one of the most awesome quilts i’ve seen. because it’s like, one big block. how genius! it’s amazing, i love it, you should be so proud!

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE your star quilt top! I just might have to copycat you down the road.

  7. Those dishcloths are great. I would love to make some. One day. Soon.
    That quilt top is GORGEOUS. Such a great look. You’ve got me thinking now…

  8. Wow that’s a big super star! Very pretty.

  9. Your super star quilt is very pretty! Love the colors!

  10. The super star quilt is STUNNING! What a great take on that block. It is amazing what you can do with scale!!!

  11. the quilt in pinks is so pretty!
    I am just struggling time wise with 5 grandchildren living with us to find the time I want to sew….or crochet…or work on my coupons….or even to work on the computer….around seeming to constantly have to clean up after them!

  12. I love handmade dishcloths! I can never have enough of them. Your star quilt is so energetic, and I really like all the shades of pink. Great job!

  13. Seeing your lovely bright dishcloths reminded me that I really need to get on and replace the three or four extremely worn, holey and faded dishcloths I knitted a couple of years ago. Such satisfying knitting, but so easily thrown over for sweaters and cardigans.

  14. I love your Swoon inspired quilt! Turned out beautifully! Can’t wait to see how you quilt it! And I have to say I am the opposite when it comes to summer crafting, I spend most my time quilting, and can’t stand to knit in the heat!

  15. I am in love with your super star quilt. I always look at blocks and try to make them minature, love that you super sized it instead.

  16. Your dishcloths are truly inspired!

  17. Love the superstar quilt. the colour is great!

  18. I love that supersize star quilt! Every time I see a supersize quilt I love it, maybe it is time to make one myself.

  19. neat cloths! what is the pattern?

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