The King’s Quilt

Finished piecing this quilt top this morning, and not a moment too soon, since Baby Girl King arrived yesterday morning.   I’ll have to quilt this in quite the hurry.

It’s not my typical style or colors, so it was a good challenge.  In more ways than one.  I actually made two whole quilts worth of blocks, because I made the first set in an incredible hurry and didn’t notice until I was done that I had messed up the double nine patch pattern.

Oh well, I’ll just use them for the back.  And speaking of backs, I stopped to get a shot of the back of this quilt top.

I think it’s pretty amazing to stop and look at all the work that goes into even a small, fairly simple quilt like this.

Last, my favorite part, the flange.  The couple ask for orange accents and I thought this little touch in the border was a nice way to do it.  Now to the quilting!



One response to “The King’s Quilt

  1. That is beautiful quilt and the orange is a great detail!

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