WIP Wednesday #24

I had this thought in my head that, with my massive collection of WIPs boxed up in storage,  I might actually just work on one or two projects at a time for now and not just start building a whole new list.  But apparently I just have quilt ADD, because the new list just keeps growing too. I think it’s time for a new ultimatum, no new projects until I get some off the list.

Hand Quilting

1. King’s Quilt- about half way hand quilted


2. Church Quilt #5

156 4″ Blocks

Trimmed neatly and now being assembled

3. 3×6 Starry Path Blocks

Awaiting Quilting

4. Bike Path

5. Blue String Quilt

6. Super Star

7. Four Patch


At least some of my finished quilt collection is moving on.  Quilts really aren’t meant to be sitting in storage after all!  So these two quilts from last year are off to the Virginia Mennonite Relief Sale, which raises money for Mennonite Missions.

Kite Quilt

More eye candy and inspiration over at Lee’s WIP Wednesday Link Up!


8 responses to “WIP Wednesday #24

  1. I love those three colors together, the green, blue and yellow. So pretty!

  2. I like your colors for your Church Quilt .

  3. you have lots of projects going on—most of mine are rolling around in my head. I just know that some day I will have the time I want to devote to my sewing.

  4. Really nice projects! I dont know how you can not get so many confused…but I am just a beginner….

  5. Hi! Your blocks for a Church quilt are really beautiful – great colours!
    And I just love the colourful quilt with flying kites! What a perfet idea and theme for a quilt!
    xxx Teje

  6. your 156 4″ blocks look pretty in a stack. i hope you are able to stick to your “no new projects” resolution better than i am.

  7. What a fun kite quilt! I’m sure the organization will be super happy to get your donations. Good luck with your new determination to finish already-started projects! 😀

  8. The green yellow and blue blocks are very pretty. Good luck with your no new quilts ultimatum, it didn’t work for me, lol!

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