Real Old Time Quilting

Mountain Craft Days, the Somerset Historical Centers weekend festival celebrates the life, food, and crafts of the early 1800s, was probably my favorite weekend of the year growing up, but I haven’t been able to go for the past four years, since I moved to North Carolina.  So, it was a real joy to be able to get back this weekend.

And unlike High School, when I ran the very messy and exhausting butter churning booth, this weekend I got to sit and quilt in an original 1790s Log House, while sharing with visitors about the history of the home.

Me, quilting the Kings Quilt.

My mother, knitting socks on her grandmothers knitting needles.  (p.s. I knitted my first sock this weekend, which I am totally jazzed about!)

My 89 year old Grandfather has been there just about as long as they’ve had the festival, working at the Apple Butter booth with my aunt.

And my father, playing the accordion for Sunday morning church on the covered bridge.

I ate some delicious fried corn mush, sausage, chicken and dumplings, a maple sundae, apple butter bread, bought locally made soap, locally raised honey, and some hand spun and hand dyed wool yarn (everyone is getting socks for christmas!).  All and all, a pretty fantastic weekend.


2 responses to “Real Old Time Quilting

  1. I’ve never tried apple butter anything, but apple butter sounds so good to me right now :). Looks like fun!

  2. It was great having you back for Craft Days finally! Your quilting was a hit and you did a great interpretation in the log house.

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