WIP Wednesday #26

A lot of sewing this week!

Hand quilting

1. Starring Anna

Still quilting, but getting close!


2. MDS Quilt

Pieced the last 148 blocks, assembled into 20 rows, and now just 4 rows away from a finished Queen sized top.  Need to keep moving to be ready for Saturday’s knotting bee.

Still Finishing

3. Napping Bears


4. Still on Sock Pair 3 (of 9)


5. Church Quilt #6

I’m kind of in love with these fabrics, so I really wanted to share, but from here on out church quilt #6 goes underground.  I want to keep it a surprise!

(Still) Waiting for Quilting

6. Bike Path

7. Blue String Quilt

8. Super Star

9. Four Patch

10. Sweet Geese

More WIP Wednesday Goodness over at Lee‘s!


2 responses to “WIP Wednesday #26

  1. I am in love with your fabrics too! I look forward to seeing what they become.

  2. I can see why you are in love with your fabric stack 🙂 the two tops you shared are looking great also. Lots of great things happening in your corner of blogland!

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