WIP Wednesday #27

Finish, finished, and just shy of finished.  I love when it lines up that projects just seem to be falling off my list.


Napping Bears

MDS Quilt and Pillows

Hey, while your making a quilt, why not throw in some pillows to match, right?  I mean, compared to the 400 block quilt, it took just a minute.


1. Starring Anna- The big reveal Friday, for the very beloved Bloggers’ Quilt Festival!


2. Bike Path Quilt: this poor project seems to get bumped down the list over and over again.  This time, I’m not taking it out of the frame until it’s quilting.


3. Sock Pair 3 of 9


4. Church Quilt 6

Awaiting Quilting

5. Blue String Quilt

6. Super Star

7. Four Patch

8. Sweet Geese

And Dreaming…

…of a sewing machine cover, a little gift to myself.  I’m thinking wonky stars in purples and grays, maybe some teals.  I think I deserve a little just for me project after a three quilt finish week, right?

As always, fantastic inspiration is always available over at Lee’s link up!


3 responses to “WIP Wednesday #27

  1. Good productivity. Love the red in the blue quilt!

  2. Your quilt is very pretty…enjoyed my visit.

  3. That is a wonderful quilt!

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