Falling For…Cloved Apples

If I were to write my own version of the Sound of Music’s “Favorite Things” song, cloved apples would most definitely make the cut.  As a kids, my sister and I loved to smell the mysterious, spicy smelling ball that’s been on my grandmother’s dresser for decades.

It’s a very simple process, if a bit sticky, sticking all the whole cloves you can into an apple (other fruits work, too, oranges are very popular).  You want enough cloves to throughly dry and preserve the fruit, but with enough space that you don’t split the apple apart.  Leave the fruit on a plate in a sunny, dry spot, and in a few weeks any spaces will disappear.  A totally natural, DIY, air freshner that lasts for years.  How can you beat that?

I recommend buying cloves at a bulk store or ethnic food store (I’ve found Indian Grocery Stores to have the best price), using the small grocery store jars will get pretty pricey.



3 responses to “Falling For…Cloved Apples

  1. Hi! Thank you for your wonderful idea! I have used only oranges with some cloves but this sounds great! Do they really dry and stay well long time?xxx Teje

  2. I have not tried apples, but that sounds like a good rainy day project, of course I have to knit some before the clove project. Thanks Jill. Betty

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