WIP Wednesday #28


1. Bike Path Quilt- REAL PROGRESS!  It’s a bit miraculous.  I have a firm deadline to get this done now and I am GOING TO MAKE IT.

2. Machine Quilting- I know, really not my thing, but I’m working on a project that call for machine work.  It’s a present, so I’m not quite ready to reveal the whole project, but here’s a little glimpse.  I’m totally head over heels in love with the background fabric (Timeless Treasures Perch Letters).


3. 4×5 Bee Blocks- I got inspired to do a little design of my own this time around.  I rather like how it turned out.  Hope my bee mates do.  I just have to put the outside white border on them and they’re all done.


4. Sock Pair 3 of 9- Socks are on hold for the most part at the moment.  Hopefully I’ll be back to them soon.

5. Scarves- I have a goal, use up my yarn scrap stash before I move.  I’ve been churning out scarves as fast as I can towards that end and the clients at work have been snapping them up as fast as I make them.  Even here in NC it’s getting cold at night.   Most shelters will be inundated with donations between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but there is real need, right now.  If you are inclined towards donating to homeless shelters, I really encourage you not to wait for the holidays to give.

On Hold for the Moment

6. Church Quilt 6

Awaiting Quilting

7. Sewing Machine Stars- Yes, I too have hopped on the explosion of interlocking wonky stars.  I’m of the opinion you can never really go wrong with stars.  And my poor naked sewing machine really needs cover.

8. Blue String Quilt

9. Super Star

10. Four Patch

11. Sweet Geese

And, back to the sewing machine.  I’ve got lots of work to do.  As always, plenty of great inspiration over at Lee‘s.


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