Six Crafting Goals for 2012

Goal #1: Finish what I’ve started.  Okay, I’m saying that with six tops waiting to be quilted (minimum, I don’t even count long time WIPs and UFOs) and plans to make at least 7 totally new quilts in the near future, but it’s still a good goal.  Maybe the goal should be to not make friends with anyone getting married or having a baby 😉

  • As a side note, this goal has been totally worth it already and it’s not even 2012 yet.  I was this close to starting a new project today, but decided to quilt my sewing machine cover instead, knocking my waiting tops count down to 5!

Goal #2: Use what I’ve got (which is enough fabric for probably ten years of quilting).  Buy only what I really need or truly love.  Donate stuff I don’t like or will never use.

Goal #3: Grow my knitting skills.  Learn to make socks with heels.  Knit my first sweater.

Goal #4:  Grow my quilting skills.  Take a machine quilting class.  Foundation piece a fancy-schmancy star.

Goal #5: Be more involved in the crafting community.  Join a Modern Quilt Guild and/or a knitting guild.

Goal #6: Use crafting to give more back.  2011 I donated three quilts to Mennonite projects and some scarves and blankets to homeless shelters.  For 2012 I’m aiming to donate at least 5 quilts.  I’d particularly like to find new homes older WIPs that I’m just not in love with anymore but could bring warmth to someone in need.

How about you?  Got any crafting goals of your own for this coming year?


3 responses to “Six Crafting Goals for 2012

  1. Love your 3rd goal. I made my first sock with a heal a couple of years ago only because a good friend gave me the pattern yarn and needles along with a challenge. Turned out to be rather easy. Up to that point I had only made scarves. In fact she made her first one 2 months later because I couldn’t have one up on her. I’ve made several pairs since and love the process. Oh and I use a circular needle. I found it to be much easier and less frustrating than double points. Good luck no matter what you choose. Think happy thoughts and you’ll be successful.

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