WIP Wednesday 1- Starting Fresh in 2012

Getting back in the WIP rhythmn for 2012!  I have a lot of stuff to get done this week before the move to Harrisburg this weekend.


All the Christmas Socks (praise God!)

Finishing Up

Sewing Machine Stars- My first 2012 Finish


1. 3×6 Blocks- I resolved to finish these before I moved back to PA.  Somehow that didn’t happen, they’ve been sitting half done since, and now they have to be mailed this week.  Ack!  Back to work on those.


2. Nickel Plated (aka Church Quilt 6)


3. Color Pop Pillows (my last, very over due Christmas Present, photos coming soon!)

Waiting for Quilting

4. Blue String Quilt

5. Super Star

6. Four Patch

7. Sweet Geese

As always, great inspiration available at Lee‘s!


One response to “WIP Wednesday 1- Starting Fresh in 2012

  1. Good luck with the move. Sounds a bit hectic with a quilt deadline on top of that. Saw your post about the fabric outlet. Lucky you 🙂

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