3×6 Bee Blocks

Well, I really did a lot more things this week, but this was the on crafting thing that I most needed to do and really had little interest in doing, so Amy’s challenge seemed like some great motivation.

Here’s where the blocks stood last week.

I only had four done before I moved to Harrisburg yesterday, this morning I unpacked my sewing room (more on my amazing sewing room later this week)  and cranked out the last two.

And here they are finished!

I was inspired by this Circle of Squares Tutorial over at Toefeather, but decided to change it up and use half square triangles instead.  I had to piece a bit more carefully than you do for squares (if you want all the triangles going in the same direction anyway), but I was pretty happy with how they turned out.

And, back to unpacking!


One response to “3×6 Bee Blocks

  1. They are terrific! I have never used triangles… I know how crazy that sounds but thru must intimidate me I guess. I normally make up my patterns as I go and haven’t gone this direction yet. Good job!!

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