WIP Wednesday 2

#1 Completion of the week: The FINAL MOVE.  Okay, maybe not final forever, but final at least long enough to unpack everything and recycle the boxes!  Happily getting settled into my house and, of course, setting up the sewing room.

One completion this week, my 3×6 Bee Blocks

My in progress sewing room

From this mess

To semi set up

But with lots of work left to do, like sorting this massive wall of fabric!

Next week I’m back to work and hopefully back to sewing.




6 responses to “WIP Wednesday 2

  1. Love the bee blocks!

  2. Looks like a LOT of progress! It’s so fun to set up a new space! Good luck with the wall of fabric!

  3. The bee blocks look great! And wow, what a great sewing space that is going to be.

  4. Moving and unpacking is a great finish. Love your bee blocks.

  5. Love the blocks and good luck getting set up in your new space!

  6. Love your bee blocks, thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

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