FallingForPieces: The Studio

Well, I’ve been here in Harrisburg three week now and I’m just totally in love with my apartment.  The full sewing room step up in the basement is one of the absolute best things about it.

“I am Sewing, Hear me Roar” and “Laundering Large,” fabulous prints from a fantastic etsy shop, Wild Life Prints.

Ironing corner, with a little natural light.

Plus more storage than any girl could really ask for.

Shelves for books and such

A home for my very extensive stash!

Now that I’m all set up, I’m ready to get back into a more regular sewing schedule.  I had my first Harrisburg finish tonight, more on that later this week.


5 responses to “FallingForPieces: The Studio

  1. lookin good!

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  3. My, my you are right. What an excellent space to be working, just let that machine fly through your projects. I am so happy for you. B.

  4. Great sewing space and love those curtains!

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