WIP Wednesday 3

Two big completions since I last linked up to WIP Wednesday:

My sewing room is totally together and I finished my first quilt of Harrisburg!

Those dresdens on the table are now finished and in the mail back to NC.  Full finish photos coming after it’s presented at the church.

So close to done

1. Sewing Machine stars is just two ties away from being finished.  Seriously, need to get those on and get it off the list!


2.  A Wedding Quilt to be, currently just this giant stack of HSTs waiting to be cut, ironed, and trimmed.


3. I like that I’m actually making progress on my list and not working on 40 things at once, but now that I’ve just decided that my cubicle really needs a mini quilt to cheer it up a bit.  I’m thinking about a spiderweb quilt, with this text print as the centers?

It’s Perch by Timeless Treasures.  I used it for the background on my church banner, so I think it would be a nice little reminder of the lovely people I miss so much in Durham.

Waiting for Quilting

4. Blue String Quilt

5. Super Star

6. Four Patch

7. Sweet Geese


8. I said I wasn’t going to make another pair of socks for five years, after my nine pairs for Christmas, but I needed something to do at knitting guild tonight, I didn’t have anything ready to go and still had odds and ends of sock yarn all stuffed in my bag, so why not.  On to pair ten!  This pair I’m keeping all for myself.

Linking up to Lee‘s for great inspiration!


5 responses to “WIP Wednesday 3

  1. Love your sewing room. HST stacks (and that’s a lovely one) require movie time, don’t you think? 😀

  2. Wow- looks so great! It is enjoy to sew and create in that lovely room with lots of storing and working place!
    Have fun and enjoy!
    x Teje

  3. Your sewing area looks so darn organized! I’m much too messy to show mine! Love your fabric choice for the spiderweb.

  4. Hooray for a finished sewing room! Love the print for your office space! Perfect!

  5. Congrats on the sewing room! It’s such an exciting feeling to have that space all to your crafting.

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