The Border Debate

After neglecting the wedding quilt for several weeks (for a very important project, I promise) last week I churned out the remaining 9 blocks I needed AND got them all together in time for the Bridal Shower.

Your only seeing half the quilt in this picture.  Weighing in at 91.5″ squared, pre-border, this thing is big.  And I’m thinking of making it bigger?  Well, 91.5″ is okay for the width, but it’s a bit short for the length of a Queen, especially since the woman I’m making this for is a rather obsessive bed maker.  Pretty sure she would not be satisfied if it didn’t make it up over the pillows nicely.  Plus, I’m hand quilting it (with cotton perle, don’t worry, haven’t completely lost my mind) and I know it will be getting tugged at and moved around a lot during that process, so a border is going to add some stability to the edges that all those seams on the edges just don’t have. Plus, I was all stoked to get the border fabric 50% at the PA Fabric Depot.  But when I got there, only 20 or so bolts of quilting fabric were included in the sale.  Not cool, PA Fabric Depot.  So, I was heading back toward,  “I don’t really need borders, do I?”  Stability, eh.  Pillow tuck, who cares.

Then I remembered, I live near Lancaster, land of the Amish/Mennonite back woods fabric shop heavens.  And I’ve heard great things about their sale rooms online.  So I grabbed a friend for an impromptu trip to Lititz, PA to see what Weaver’s Dry Goods might have in stock.  Answer: A lot.  I wouldn’t call their selection as a whole modern, but there are certainly some good modern prints in the mix, and the selection is huge.  Sometimes they apparently have sale fabric in a trailer, I wasn’t lucky enough to hit one of those days, but the sale room in the shop has a pretty substantial selection.  I found a print that I love for the border and, perhaps even better, I got 108″ wide quilt backing fabric for $4.50/yd.  Yes, you read that right.  I was going to piece the back of this quilt, but you can’t beat the easiness of a whole cloth back and you certainly can’t beat it for that price!

I maybe picked up a half yard of some irresistable sale fabrics, too.

And, I got Kona Snow! (Robert Kaufman Konas, $4.99/yd).  I was telling the very nice Old Order Mennonite woman who was ringing me up that every time I stock up on snow, it’s gone in a minute.  Her response, wait for it, “it just melts away.”  Awesome.

So, now I must spend my day sewing lots and lots to assuage my fabric buying guilt!  There are really worse things in the world.


3 responses to “The Border Debate

  1. Have you been to Sauder’s yet?

    • I haven’t had a chance to get up to Sauder’s yet, but I’m hoping to make a day of it sometime. And of course, I also need to get over to Zook’s sometime soon! Is Sauder’s a favorite of yours? I’d love to hear any opinions on the best shops in the area.

  2. Check out Burkholder’s for awesome stuff –

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